Education and Research

The fertility service at Nottingham University Hospital has been associated with training scientific staff in reproduction for many years.

We believe that continuing to develop by engaging in formal research and training is essential when running a modern clinical service which is underpinned by ‘evidence-based’ medicine. NUH Life is involved in the following activities:

  • Participation in the teaching of the University of Nottingham’s (UoN) masters course in assisted reproduction for the past 15 years
  • Teaching of trainee healthcare scientists embarking on the NHS scientific training program (STP)
  • Collaboration with staff from the MSc course in research projects.
  • Providing specialist training workshops for reproductive scientists (andrology and embryology) in diagnostics, sperm preparation and cryopreservation, alongside UoN professionals.
  • Collaboration with staff from the UoN School of veterinary medicine in research projects, forming links between the latest in animal and human reproduction.
  • Publishing scientific/medical papers in international peer-reviewed journals (see below).
  • Developing its own technologies for the laboratory which have been adopted by other diagnostic and IVF services.

MSc in Assisted Reproduction

The University of Nottingham’s Masters Course in Assisted Reproduction has been highly successful over the years, and is one of the oldest and most established of its kind in the world.

The department has also run a large number of educational workshops, mainly in andrology (male infertility, semen analysis and processing, cryopreservation). This is in conjunction with staff on the MSc course, and historically in conjunction with professional societies (British Andrology Society and Association of Biomedical Andrologists) but also on behalf of University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospital. We are a training centre for the National School of Healthcare Science for andrology, and lecture to their trainees in both embryology and andrology for the STP (Scientific Training Program).

Veterinary Links

Despite the changing landscape in reproductive medicine, NUH Life continues to maintain traditional research links with other internal and external departments, including those who research reproduction in various animal species.

Colleagues at the University Veterinary School, Professors David Gardner and Richard Lea, are experts in the effects of nutrition and environmental toxins on reproduction. Through collaborating on some basic research, we hope to find more about these subjects in relation to human reproduction.

CASA system developed at NUH

Computerised Semen Analysis

NUH’s fertility services were part of the development team behind SAMi, which is a method of computer assisted sperm analysis (CASA). This was developed some years ago in collaboration with a PhD student in computer science from the University of Nottingham. We are firm believers that automation is key to ensuring consistency of measurement across all members of the laboratory team and that test results are more accurate and meaningful. For more information read about semen analysis