Cost of private or fee-paying services

Our price list for individual items and packaged tests and treatments can be found below. For anything else that you cannot see here, please contact our nursing team.

Any service provided by NUH Life on the NHS can also be provided for a fee for anyone who unfortunately does not qualify for funding. This includes anyone who:

  • Doesn’t meet the local NHS funding criteria
  • Is from overseas and does not have ‘leave to remain’ in the UK
  • Is from outside of our locality and needs to ‘self refer’

Even though NUH Life is essentially a public service, any fee-paid service will be of the highest quality and we do not make any profit from it. Any surplus income we make contributes to developing medical care in the NHS.

How to access fee-paying services?

You can self refer through our nursing team, or ask your GP to refer you if you live within Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and North Leicestershire. For more information please contact our experienced fertility nurses here.

Contracts for Investigations and Treatments

Before you embark on a course of treatment or package of investigations that you are paying for, you must have been given all of the relevant information related to those procedures, how they work, what’s included, what’s not included and the total cost. This used to be what we called a ‘costed treatment plan’ but now this essentially forms a contract between you and the clinic for your investigations and treatment. The contract not only sets out what the clinic’s obligations are to you in the provision of these services but also your obligations to the clinic which are essentially: to make payment when asked to; turn up for appointments at the right time; and lastly adhere to the general hospital rules relating to patient conduct and behavior. If you haven’t received a cost treatment plan previously or a contract prior to treatment, please contact us immediately.

Any payment must be made to the clinic by credit or debit card either in person or over the phone prior to receiving any service that isn’t covered by the NHS. If payment is delayed, then any planned investigations or treatment will also be delayed until payment is received and cleared.


Refunds are not given for failed treatments, but partial refunds are usually given for cancelled treatments. This will depend on the reasons for cancellation