Looking for a sperm donor? NUH Life can help

NUH Life is an NHS-based fertility clinic specialising in sperm donation, donor insemination (DI) and intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatments.

We offer:

  • Direct purchase donor sperm from our bank to use at your chosen clinic, or
  • All-inclusive DI/ IUI treatment at NUH Life, guided by our friendly and experienced team.

At NUH Life we prioritise ethical, compassionate care for all our donors and recipients, in our beautifully designed specialist centre. Our sperm donors are amazing men, not a commodity to be traded. NUH Life is a not-for-profit organisation – our prices cover the cost of recruiting and processing high quality donor samples. Any surplus is ploughed back into local NHS services – we don’t have any shareholders!

All NUH Life sperm donors are recruited from the East Midlands region, and are fully screened according to best practise guidelines and UK regulatory requirements.

Female same sex couple with new born baby

At NUH Life we personalise the matching process and we want you to find the donor that is right for you and your family.

Our specialist team have spent time getting to know your donor as they visit week after week, and are best placed to find you your ideal match.

The next step in the process

Once your request has been submitted we will then look at what we have available in our extensive bank, and will send you a profile for any donors we think might suit you based on the criteria you have submitted. Included in that profile is a physical description, plus any additional information the donor has provided about themselves. We understand that choosing your donor can be a big decision, but we are here to support you to find your ideal match.

Competitive pricing at NUH Life

At NUH Life, because we are a not-for-profit, our prices are very competitive. If you are purchasing a sample to use at another clinic, we currently charge £1,000 per treatment unit. If you are having treatment at NUH Life, the cost of our donor sperm is included in our DI package price, please see our price list for more information.

Wherever your treatment, we will provide the right number of motile sperm for the type of treatment you are having – IUI or IVF.

  • We guarantee an IUI treatment unit to provide a minimum of 10 million motile sperm post thaw.
  • IVF units will contain at least 5 million motile sperm.

You can purchase multiple treatment units if you wish (up to a maximum of 3), or purchase them individually. Please note we only supply samples for use in UK HFEA licenced centres, and we do not export our samples to overseas clinics.

Shipping costs are included for transport within England. For Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, there may be an additional cost. We only ship samples using a single reliable courier with a proven track record of handling frozen gametes. Samples are collected from our unit and hand carried to the receiving centre, giving you assurance that they will reach your clinic in perfect condition.

Samples are not released for shipment until all fees have been paid – we will take full card payment for your samples either in person, or over the phone.

All-inclusive DI treatment packages with NUH Life donors

Many people think we only see NHS patients and don’t realise that you can also choose to come to NUH Life for self funded treatment. In fact, we have the best of both worlds: a beautifully designed clinic environment with that “private clinic” feel, combined with the high quality, ethical service you can expect from an HFEA-licensed, NHS-based service.

We offer all inclusive treatment packages, with no hidden extras. You can find more information about our diagnostic and treatment services, including costs, here. Having treatment at NUH Life means no sample transport costs, reduced donor costs, and no administration fees payable to a separate clinic.

Happy couple outside.

Sibling reservations

We offer a sibling reservation service at NUH Life – so once you have achieved a pregnancy using one of our donors, you can purchase additional samples for future. Reservation is dependent upon there being sufficient samples in storage, and there is an annual reservation fee payable. We recommend that you contact us once you are pregnant if you want to explore this as an option.

Straight-forward Terms and Conditions

All patients wishing to purchase samples from our sperm bank are asked to read and sign an agreement (Ts & Cs). Whilst legal documents look a bit scary, it essentially ensures you understand the service we are providing, what we guarantee, and what we can’t guarantee, so we are all clear! We are more than happy to explain anything you don’t understand or simply want more information on within that document

We will also be asking your chosen clinic to complete a legal agreement before we can ship your sample to them. This is called a Memorandum of Understanding – and clearly lays out the roles and responsibilities both of us as the provider of the sperm, and your clinic as the receiver and ultimate user of the samples. This is to ensure that the samples are transported, stored and processed appropriately by both parties so that you get the very best possible quality samples for your treatment.

Download T’s & C’s