New Male Fertility Podcast

We’ve been listening to a new male fertility podcast at NUH Life and we highly recommend it. It’s hosted by two mates, Shaun and Ciaran, who have both experienced male fertility issues, including low sperm count and azoospermia. Both are now parents through IVF, with or without sperm donation, and are looking back over their “journey”s (they don’t like the word, but are as yet undecided on a better alternative!).

It’s a candid, thoughtful, courageous and often funny and light-hearted discussion, around all of the experiences of male fertility. Think two mates down the pub being really open and honest with each other. It’s intended for other men going through the same experiences, to let them know they are not alone, but also for partners, friends and relatives to help give them an insight into what their loved ones are going through. Well worth a listen!

How to access Shaun and Ciaran’s male fertility podcasts

You can listen to these funny and informative podcasts through all of the usual podcast streaming services.

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